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How does the Spirit Health Foundation select on-the-ground partners to work?

We select on-the-ground partners who are already delivering health services in underserved communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the potential to scale and sustain their model across multiple populations with our support. We also consider organisations’ track record, ability to innovate and capabilities in partner selection. 

How can my organisation express interest in partnering with Spirit Health Foundation?

If you believe your organisation could be a potential strategic or on-the-ground partner for the Spirit Health Foundation, you can get in touch using our Contact Us form. Unfortunately we won’t be able to respond to everyone individually, but we greatly appreciate everyone’s interest.

Does the Spirit Health Foundation only support partners in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Currently we are prioritising our support and work only in countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Does the Spirit Health Foundation run formal grant processes?

Currently we’re not running any open funding call processes. If you’re interested in partnering, please get in touch using our Contact Us form

Does the Spirit Health Foundation provide monetary as well as in-kind funding?

We provide in-kind funding of Spirit Health’s platforms, services and people to partners, typically costing at least £1 million per year in a commercial market. Our in-kind funding is normally provided across multiple year periods to fully sustain and scale initiatives. 

We don’t currently provide direct monetary funding ourselves, rather establish partnerships to mobilise funding and resources for initiatives. 

How does the Spirit Health Foundation maintain independence from the core Spirit Health group?

We have been established an independent, non-profit organisation with an independent leadership and board of trustees. We only support initiatives in underserved communities, where the core Spirit Health business doesn’t operate. Spirit Health Group Ltd provide in-kind funding to the Spirit Health Foundation for the sole purpose of achieving the charitable objectives of the Spirit Health Foundation.  

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Sorry you’ve not been able to find the answers you’re looking for. Please email us at hello@spirithealthfoundation.org with your query and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.