Our approach

We do this by enabling simpler, smarter healthcare in underserved communities through a best-in-class technology platform called Clinitouch.  

It’s simpler… Community health workers are enabled to screen and monitor any health condition in any community all on one simple, offline Clinitouch app.  

It’s smarter… Clinitouch is designed by leading NHS doctors and uses smart algorithms to generate a red, amber or green score so a nurse, doctor or midwife at a facility knows how and when to take to action to prevent diseases or conditions getting worse. It is proven to reduce unscheduled hospital admissions by 67.5% and reduce costs with a 484% ROI vs current systems. 

Millions of in-kind funding each year  

We provide unlimited Clinitouch licenses, plus clinical, technical, training, and system design support as millions of in-kind funding to country partners, and work with them to build and scale the solution in country health systems.  

 After launching at the end of 2023, we are already working with leading non-profits to deploy services in Southern Africa.

How we do it in practice

We work with partners in underserved communities in two priority areas:
  • Education and screening to prevent or treat infectious or  non-communicable diseases
  • Maternal, newborn and under-5 child health monitoring to protect against risks and complications

How it works

How we deploy our solutions

We help build and implement digital health systems around the needs of communities, overcoming the limitations of traditional models of care.

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Clinitouch enables healthcare providers to screen, monitor and manage any health condition needed from any location – whether that’s hospitals, clinics, communities or in the patient’s home.

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We’re always keen to hear from great partners that we can work with to deliver impact in underserved communities across the world.

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