We believe everyone should be able to get the healthcare they need to protect themselves and their families.

Current systems aren’t working for billions of people – simpler, smarter healthcare solutions are needed.  

Spirit Health Group is a global organisation working in over 20 countries and has been a major partner to the NHS in the UK for two decades. Spirit Health Foundation was established as an independent, non-profit organisation to bring all Spirit Health’s best-in-class healthtech platforms, services, people, and know-how as in-kind funding to help address the challenges and make health accessible for all.  

The only way to address big global health problems is through big collaborations, so we provide our support to other non-profits, social enterprises and governments so we can deliver more together. 

Our big goals for the next five years

After launching at the end of 2023, we’re already supporting communities in Southern Africa to get the healthcare they need, and have big initial goals.  

Everything we do is closely aligned to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 ‘Good Health and Wellbeing for All’, and we rigorously monitor outcomes and outputs for every initiative we deploy with partners.

Interested in partnering with us?

We’re always keen to hear from great partners that we can work with to deliver impact in underserved communities across the world.

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