How Clinitouch works

Patient / Community Health App

A safe and user-friendly space, where patients answer predefined questions and submit health metrics, at intervals set by their clinician – either the patient themselves or with the support of Community Health Workers. It’s built to be accessible and easy to use for every different type of patient.

Clinitouch patient App showing questions asked to the patient
Examples of the Clinician dashboard on the Clinitouch App

Clinician Dashboard

A go-to-hub giving clinicians a quick look at their patient to give you a quick look at your patients, to quickly assess where and when intervention is needed. The smart algorithm converts question sets and health metric data into an easy red, amber or green rating for every patient, enabling early and prompt intervention.

Devices and Measurements

Clinitouch can integrate with any measurement device upon request, tailored to your specific use cases. Its secure functionality enables healthcare teams to conduct assessment of vital signs and clinical observations over time, allowing a holistic view of patient health and addressing gaps in screening and monitoring within underserved communities.

Example of metrics and measurements taken on Clinitouch
Examples of available integrations for the Clinitouch App


Clinitouch is FHIR/HL7 compliant, which enables integration with a wide variety of electronic patient record systems. Our team of software developers and clinicians work with you to build data integrations that perfectly match your needs.

Messaging and video calls

Communicate easily and quickly through messaging and video calls, whether that’s from health clinics to community health workers or to patients at home, or connecting with specialists needed for timely advice and interventions.

Example message received on the Clinitouch App

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