How it works in practice

We can install the Clinitouch platform into every part of the health system, building the skills of everyone involved to manage care remotely in a truly joined up way.

Patients, community health workers, health centre clinicians and hospital specialists can all utilise the Clinitouch platform for any health condition in any community. Here’s how it can work in practice:


If patients have smartphones with connectivity:

  • Complete screening or monitoring questions on Clinitouch themselves.
  • Take and capture health measurements e.g. blood pressure, in Clinitouch, using connected tools.
  • Learn about health conditions using simple educational content.
  • Visit health facilities or participate in telemedicine calls when recommended by healthcare professionals.

Community Health Teams

  • Answer screening or monitoring questions with patients as required with Clinitouch on a smart phone.
  • Take and capture health measurements in Clinitouch, connected to the tools needed.
  • If needed, capture data offline and sync when online to share with health centres and hospital teams.
  • Action advice from healthcare professionals at health centres or hospitals, and communicate with patients.

Health Centres

  • Staff review data from Community Health Workers and patients on regular basis on quick-view dashboard.
  • Assess need for intervention based on Red, Amber or Green scores for patients.
  • Recommend interventions (e.g. treatment, testing or referrals) and communicate to health teams and patients.
  • This may include requests for patients to visit the centres or telemedicine calls.


  • Specialists monitor data and run telemedicine calls with health centre teams or patients directly.
  • Treat patients referred from Health Centres based on Red, Amber or Green scores.
  • Remotely monitor people discharged from hospital back in the community or at home.

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