Community Health Workers

  • Answer screening or monitoring questions with community members with Clinitouch on a smart phone or tablet.
  • Take clinical readings using diagnostics and enter into Clinitouch. 
  • Use education videos and tools on Clinitouch for health promotion.  
  • Make referrals at point of screening or monitoring based on certain responses.  
  • Clinitouch’s content can be fully customisable for any condition. 
  • Works offline when needed, and community health workers can then sync the data when back online.  

Community Health Teams

  • Answer screening or monitoring questions with patients as required with Clinitouch on a smart phone.
  • Take and capture health measurements in Clinitouch, connected to the tools needed.
  • If needed, capture data offline and sync when online to share with health centres and hospital teams.
  • Action advice from healthcare professionals at health centres or hospitals, and communicate with patients.

Health Centres

  • Staff review data from Community Health Workers and patients on regular basis on Clinitouch clinician portal. 
  • Smart algorithms applied to data generate score – Red, Amber, or Green – for every person screened or monitored.
  • Enable facility staff to know when and how to take the right action for the right patient at the right time 
  • Recommend interventions (e.g. treatment, testing or referrals) and communicate to community health teams and patients.
  • This may include requests for patients to have an appointment at the centre, telemedicine calls or lifestyle advice.  


  • Staff at regional hospitals can also be equipped with Clinitouch for remote monitoring and video consultations via the platform. 
  • Specialists monitor data and run telemedicine calls with health centre teams or patients directly.
  • Treat patients referred from Health Centres based on Red, Amber or Green scores. 
  • Remotely monitor people discharged from hospital back in the community or at home. 

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